My Passion


I collect and fly all kinds of kites including foils, stacks, dual line sport kites, quads, both revolutions and power kites. I have a few large single line kites as well. 


My Brand


Being Present and Authentic, Bringing Myself Fully to My Relationships and Activities.


My Values


Authenticity - Loving Myself and Being Me

Intimacy - Sharing Myself Deeply with Close Friends

Generosity - Giving Back to My Community

Spirituality - Connecting to the High Power Creator

Meaning - Living with a Spirit of Purpose and Learning

Physical Pleasure - Being Alive and Enjoying My Five Senses

Peacefulness - Staying in the Present Moment

Solitude - Setting aside time for Reflection, Rest and Reenergizing 

Flying on your back changes your perspective to where it should be, the sky."





To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.