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My Passion


I collect and fly all kinds of kites including foils, stacks, dual line sport kites, quads, both revolutions and power kites. I have a few large single line kites as well. 


My Brand


Being Present and Authentic, Bringing Myself Fully to My Relationships and Activities.


My Values


Authenticity - Loving Myself and Being Me

Intimacy - Sharing Myself Deeply with Close Friends

Generosity - Giving Back to My Community

Spirituality - Connecting to the High Power Creator

Meaning - Living with a Spirit of Purpose and Learning

Physical Pleasure - Being Alive and Enjoying My Five Senses

Peacefulness - Staying in the Present Moment

Solitude - Setting aside time for Reflection, Rest and Reenergizing 

Flying on your back changes your perspective to where it should be, the sky."




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