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I love to fly Revolution Kites. Revs are quad line kites that are extremely maneuverable. They are also the most challenging to learn and master. Revs are often flown single or in teams.

Proper line management and knot tying is an essential aspect of kite flying. Quads require special attention as there are four lines to keep aligned and cleared.

Revs use special handles made to control the speed, turning aspect and orientation of the kite. They may be flown in an inverted position which changes the controls from top to bottom and left to right. It takes some practice to get comfortable with this.

Revs are designed to fly in the air, play on the ground and swim in the water. They can land on objects and can move in any direction. They are fun to fly while listening to music and can be flown in a calm, exhilarating or fun manner.

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