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Revolution Rising


I stand and gaze at the Oregon sea,

as glittering waves stare back at me.

Only hat and shades protecting me,

from the sun’s hot glaring intensity.


The warm sand feels good beneath my feet,

my skin; it tans, from the rising heat.

I silently prepare to meet,

to me, at least, a daunting feat.


For I would remain on the beach all night,

if it meant mastering this skill of flight.

Inverting my Rev, I would be all right,

with a mere sixty seconds of upside-down flight.


Now I feel the wind against my back,

the lines I’m holding, no longer slack.

My fingers tighten, as Revolution rises,

my muscles, my emotions; it all synthesizes.


Onlookers, they are all unaware

of the small kite’s potential as it takes to the air.

But kitefliers understand, it’s a feeling we share

as we soar through the sky, without any cares.



Cameron S.


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